Amplify texts back order confirmations, including taxes and shipping details.

Send MMS Marketing Texts

Customers Reply 'Buy'

Confirmation Details Sent

Customers Reply 'Yes'


Make the sale where your customers are with


Here's What You Get:

Increased Sales Revenues

Immediate Customer  Engagement

In-Text Mobile Commerce

Amplify is a new sales channel for your business.

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Send rich MMS messages to your customers with images that highlight your products.

MMS Messages

Bring the sale to where your customer's are and allow them to purchase directly in their text applications.

Direct-Text Sales

Save time and reduce costs through pinpointed demographics.


See product purchases happen in real-time and then view easy to read reports to give you deeper insights into what your customers want.


Amplify is the only text marketing tool available that allows you to instantly sell your eCommerce store products directly inside your customer's text applications.

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Amplify Supports All Major US and Canadian Carriers

Amplify is the only text-sales engine that allows the complete purchase experience inside any native text application.

Amplify enables sales where your customers are, on their mobile phones, allowing them to purchase your products anywhere, anytime.

Amplify is the best new marketing channel for product and event sales, and will add more revenues to your bottom line.

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80% of people use text as their most common mobile activity

90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes

Text messages have a 98% open rate 

Customer can choose purchasing options right inside their native text application

Your customers text back their confirmation to complete the purchase.

Thank You Message Sent

Amplify texts back your thank you message, and your store sends receipts to your customers.

Here's Why:

Amplify is the best way to increase your revenues.

The Amplify marketing channel is the only one of its kind, and is the best way to add more revenues to your bottom line...

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integrates with these recognized platforms:

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Amplify makes mobile commerce fast and easy.

Here's How:


Try Amplify on your own mobile phone to get the full experience: 

By entering your mobile number and clicking "Experience Amplify", you are agreeing to receive a confirmation text message to start the iQX Amplify demo.  Text "STOP" to opt out. Msg and data rates may apply.

The Amplify marketing channel is the only one of its kind, and is the best way to add more revenues to your bottom line...

(North America only)


Amplify is the only text message mobile commerce engine of its kind.

Here's How We Compare:


Has customer & purchase demographics

Integrates to eCommerce Stores

Integrates to financial platforms

Integrates to ticketing engines

Allows in-text purchasing capabilities

Provides an open API for developers

EZ Texting



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Customers are able to purchase products & experiences via customizable MMS text marketing messages


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